Contracting & Credentialing

We understand the difficulties healthcare providers face when trying to credential or re-credential with health plans as well as negotiate contract rates. That is why we have experienced and dedicated staff who can handle this burdensome task for you.

MMS provides an affordable alternative to handling credentialing and contracting in-house. We know the process, we have the technology and we can devote the time necessary to compile documents, complete enrollment forms, track the process and follow-up as needed.

Services Provided

Contracting Services

  • Review standard contract language
  • Evaluate & negotiate reimbursement proposals
  • Renegotiate reimbursement rates if applicable
  • Process termination notices
  • Consultation & Research Updates

Credentialing Services

  • Online application & completion
    • CAQH – Council for Quality Healthcare
  • Create & maintain required documents
    • CPPA – California Participating Provider Application
    • CPPR – California Participating Physician Reapplication
  • Quarterly Reattestation
  • Track Expiration Dates
    • License
    • Board Certification
    • DEA Certification
    • Malpractice Certification
  • Medicare/Medi-Cal Applications
    • Corporations, Groups, & Individual Physicians
  • Provider data change notifications

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