Practice Management Consulting

With our combined 90 years of practice management consulting experience among our management team, we are well prepared to provide you with the highest level of consulting services. Our experienced team is able to provide you with the answers and analysis that you deserve.

The following outline our menu of practice management services:

Practice Management Services

  • Mergers & Partnerships – MMS has assisted in merging existing practices and developing long term partnerships between these new physicians for a long lasting business.
  • Strategic & Operational Planning – MMS has worked with many medical groups on developing strategic & operational plans which in turn improved their financial positioning.
  • Organization & Staff Development – MMS has a good track record in helping physicians on many levels of staff and organization education and development in producing a strong team.
  • Compensation Analysis - MMS has the knowledge and experience to develop compensation formulas that provide incentives for the physician’s production.
  • Income Distribution Plans – MMS has completed for many physician practices sound financial formulas to distribute income effectively among providers.
  • Overhead Analysis – With all the years of experience in working with physician practices we have the knowledge base to review practices overhead and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis – With the many years of accounts receivable experience we have no trouble in pin pointing your issue and fixing your AR prolems.
  • Fee Schedule Analysis – With the large database MMS has to refer to in physcian fee structure MMS has no trouble in providing physicians great advice on setting a fee schedule.
  • Coding Compliance – With a certified coder on staff MMS does periodc audits of physicians billing codes to ensure thoroughness, accuracy and correctness.
  • Financial Analysis – Given all the financial work compiled over the 50 years of finance work there isn’t a financial issue that MMS can’t analyze and resolve.

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