Integrated EHR

As the healthcare industry continues to migrate towards electronic health records it became important to MMS that we provide our clients with a diverse menu of comprehensive EHR systems to choose from.

By coupling our extraordinary billing & collection services with any of the specially selected award winning EHR systems, MMS is among the first to offer value based solutions for our clients dictated by their specific practice needs.

These various EHR’s alllow us to¬† provide a diverse level of features and pricing packages that can be customized to meet the needs of each client.

Our expertise and vast knowledge of the various systems allows MMS to assist our clients in procuring the EHR of their choosing, and install and implement the system to achieve meaningful use.

All for a competitive billing fee.

For more information about the MMS comprehensive EHR solution please contact us at or click here.

Highlights of MMS Selected EHR systems include:

  • Comprehensive EHR – An intuitive EHR that is easy-to-use and provides a powerful solution for quality improvement/performance measures.
  • Enterprise Practice Management – Successfully manages practice operations for all size groups.
  • ERx – An enterprise level e-prescribing solution that helps qualify your practice for government incentives.
  • Patient Portal – Enhance patient communication via the internet to improve the quality of care. Using the Patient Portal providers can send timely alerts and patient information.
  • Electronic Health Exchange – Turn clinical integration systems into community wide projects. This community portal facilitates a holistic view of a patient’s ambulatory record with hospital system integration.